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New Spot for La Cucina

Experience Authentic Italian Cuisine At La Cucina

New Spot for La Cucina

Hold on to your meatballs...

New Spot for La Cucina

Authentic Italians do not share their pasta.

This Months Mission...

Eat our weight in Godfather's Pizza.

Dan's Picks

Some glittering lure for your eyeballs.

Dan's Journal

D.R' s project scribblings and keepsakes.

Dan Rascals Beloved Ads of 2014

    “I don’t consider advertising art,” says Mary Warlick, an art historian and executive director of The One Club, the New York trade organization that recognizes creative excellence in advertising. Art is visual imagery that is meant to elevate thinking in an aesthetic context. What advertising does is give a visual record of our …
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Skype in The Classroom

Skype in The Classroom In April of 2013, Dan Rascal was asked to direct the Ottawa leg of The Skype in the Classroom Initiative; an ongoing web series that showcases the way Skype enables special connections between students and classrooms around the world. Our mandate was to work in tandem with Flow Non- Fiction, a Texas based video …
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