Dan Rascal Gets Shorty With A&W
Dan Rascal Gets Shorty With A&W
July 4, 2016 5:31 pm 2

When we were contacted by A&W Canada to create a series of spots for a new facebook video campaign, we were excited to finally get our short on.

As members of the short club, we believe in the power of bite sized advertising, the kind that caters to those on the run.

And just how much bite are we talking…

Well only 5-8 seconds worth.

Like the experimental brands mentioned in our last post, A&W is now riding the short-train.

Photo by Ben Welland.

Photo by Ben Welland.


For one evening we took over A&W’s corporate franchise to create 20 seconds of mouthwatering content.

Given the size of the restaurant and our 10 hour production window, we felt a micro crew was the way to go. This meant intensive pre-prod which included a location scout, storyboards, a slew of test shots, light and lens experimentation and plenty of chats with our director of photography and food stylist.

Given the budget, scope of production and resulting online reach, it’s safe to say A&W’s first foray into short form advertising was beefy.

Currently the ads have accumulated over 4 million views, 13,000 likes and 1,500 shares, not to mention a slew of consumer engagement.

Here is our favourite video comment:

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Just Kidding. This one’s our favourite.

Facebook User – “A&W Canada, the only fast food joint that exists with true advertising when it comes to their products, you guys are amazing and by far take any other fast food joint to school.”