August 9, 2018 danrascal

Dear Fellow Rascals

The last four years have been pretty wild for us.  Starting as a collective of filmmakers with shared ideals, and evolving into a fully featured Creative Video Agency, has been one of the most exciting, exhausting, rewarding, terrifying experiences of our lives.

I don’t think any of us could have truly appreciated how much sweat, blood and soul gets poured into your brand.  It’s easy to see successful brands and assume they simply paid for it – but in our experience, that’s almost always untrue.

The people developing and marketing themselves, their products, their services. The ones that achieve real levels of success.  That rise above the rabble and connect with their consumers in a meaningful and enduring way – they always are backed by passionate people that also poured their DNA into every facet of their brand.

Over the last four years we learned so much from the brands we’ve gotten to work with, and also a lot about ourselves – the kind of work we want to do, and the kind of contribution we can make – to our communities, and to the passionate entrepreneurs that make Ottawa their home.

We’ve all grown a lot,  we’ve worked on projects that were awesome – and not so awesome.  And everytime, across the board, without exception – awesome is way more awesome.  That’s why we’re committing to chasing, capturing, or creating “Awesome” at every possible opportunity, for every possible client.

We are so excited to share this journey with you all as we smash through the next four years and beyond!

Brace yourself,

The Rascals