June 16, 2022 Ed MacDonald

How Can I Get a Cost-Effective Animated Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are excellent tools that you can use to engage your audience. They tell people all about how your product or service works and how it can benefit them. Explainer videos are a great addition to your content and can be shared on your website, social media, emails, and more.

Animated videos are also very cost-effective because they are easier to produce compared to live-action videos. You don’t need to pay actors, apart from a voiceover artist, arrange a set, hire equipment, or many of the other things involved in creating a live video. Animated videos can often be produced quickly, although it’s definitely worth investing more time to get the best results.

Why Create an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos help you to engage your audience and provide them with valuable information. They can be especially good for explaining complicated concepts that might be harder for people to digest from text alone. Animation allows you to use visual elements to explain your product or service to customers.

When you use animation to explain something, you can condense big ideas into easily digestible content. The animation is usually simple, but eye-catching, and removes any potential noise or distractions. Before the video is created, a script and a storyboard help to outline what it will look like and ensure it’s going to fulfill your goals.

What Does It Mean to Be Cost-Effective?

Understanding what it means to be cost-effective is important if you want to make the most of your budget when making an animated explainer video. Cost-effective doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. It really means that you’re getting a good return on your investment. A cheap service that doesn’t give you the results that you want isn’t cost-effective. However, if you pay a bit more and it results in a good return on your investment, you might consider it to be cost-effective.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective animated explainer video, you firstly want to ensure you don’t end up paying twice. Choosing a cheap service could mean you’re not happy with the results and have to find someone else to do it again. Another thing to keep in mind is your goals and the results you want from your video. Being able to measure the results will help you to decide if it’s cost-effective.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

The cost of an animated explainer video can vary depending on multiple things. There are some options for animation software that can allow you to have a go at making a video yourself. You can pay someone to use this software too. Or you could choose a service that is going to do everything from scratch, ensuring you receive a fantastic service and final product. Other things affecting the cost include video length, the amount of detail, and the quality. An animated video could cost as little as a few hundred dollars or it might cost several thousand. Collecting some quotes can help you to get a better idea of prices.

How to Find the Right Video Producer

When you’re looking for someone to make your animated explainer video, you need to know what you should be looking for. One of the easiest ways to tell if a video producer is the right one for you is to look at their previous work. Their portfolio or case studies should show you what they are capable of and whether they could make something that works for you. You can also check their reviews to see what past clients have to say.

Of course, discussing your needs further can help you to determine if they might be right for you. Get in touch with any providers that you’re interested in to get a quote and talk about what you’re looking for.

Cost-Effective Animated Explainer Videos from Dan Rascal

Dan Rascal works with you to create animated videos that fit your brief. Every client is given a project leader who will act as a single point of contact and help you to start developing your idea. We will plan your video with a script and storyboard, working closely with you to ensure it’s what you want. The video production team will then turn all of the planning into reality to create a sleek explainer video that meets your goals.

Choosing the right video production service is important if you want to create a cost-effective animated explainer video. Spend some time defining your goals and needs before searching for the right provider.