July 28, 2022 Ed MacDonald

Stages of Video Production

Video production is an effective marketing tool for any business. This guide explains the three stages of video production that you should be aware of. 

In 2022, video makes up 80% of the content that exists online. It’s an incredibly popular marketing tool. Many promotional agencies will also put a lot of focus on video as part of their marketing campaign. You can use videos to recruit new team members, explain complex concepts to customers and improve your brand identity. 

However, to use video content effectively, you must understand how videos are created and produced. There are three main levels of video production that you should be aware of. 


First, you need to consider pre-production. During pre-production, you must consider your goals and the audience that you are creating the video for. It’s important to think about who your audience is as well as the purpose of the video. You should also think about practical elements too. This can include:

  • Budget
  • Required actors
  • Set pieces 
  • Style

Your first step should be focusing on the message that you are striving for with your video production. The message could be anything but it needs to be memorable and fit well with your brand. 

You should also decide on how long your video is going to be. Remember, the first few seconds of the video are the most important. This will be what you need to catch the viewer’s interest. 

Think carefully about your budget and decide how much you should spend. Your video production company can help you set an appropriate budget for your production. 


The main stage is the production of the video. During this stage, you must ensure that you have the right equipment to produce the video and achieve the right standard of quality. Think about your production schedule and ensure that there are no issues here. 

Remember, when you are producing video content, you are responsible for the health and safety of everyone involved. You must ensure that your set is safe and that you are not putting anyone in danger. It’s not uncommon for complex video productions or advertisements to require stunt actors. 

You should also be aware of everyone who is on set and understand their role in the video production. During production, your main task is to get the raw footage that you need. This may require several different takes. More raw footage will make your time in post-production easier. However, you should have a solid idea of what you need to shoot and how much footage is required. If you have too much footage, you’ll be extended the post production process. This can impact your deadline. 

Once you have completed all the raw footage you need, it’s time to think about post-production. 


Post-production involves editing the footage that you have produced. This is the final stage and some would argue, the most important. Post production can include:

  • Picture editing
  • Sound editing 
  • Music production
  • Visual effects
  • Words and graphics 

In some cases, you may need to create multiple shorter videos. This will be useful if you plan on sharing your videos across social media and want to ensure that it does fit well with each network that you are working with. 

Part of post-production is ensuring that you are utilizing the right editing software. There are numerous different examples of editing software to choose from. A video production company will help you choose the right one and ensure that your video is created using the latest software. Remember, this software can be quite complicated so it’s essential that you have experts who understand how to get the right results. 

The editing process requires high levels of collaboration. If you are working with a video production company, they will constantly be contacting you, ensuring that you are happy with the results achieved.

You will also be provided with the opportunity to make any necessary changes. The best video production company will always consider plenty of input during this stage. However, this process will also require a lot of trust. That’s why you need to think carefully about the company that you choose to work with. 

Dan Rascal can work with you at every stage of video production. Each client is provided with a key point of contact where you can discuss elements of pre-production to ensure that the right plan is in place. We will ensure that your goals are achieved by following the storyboard you set out before completing the right post-production to ensure it reaches the right standard.