May 25, 2022 Ed MacDonald

What is animated corporate video production?

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Catching people’s attention is a problem that continues to keep markets up at night. Yet there is a way to get complex concepts across simply, accessibly, and in an engaging format. The answer is an animated video ad. A topic you can read all about, in the post below. 

What is animated corporate video production?

Put simply, an animated corporate video is an animation that is created to help market a service, product or brand. The key point of this kind of animated video ad is that it takes big or complicated concepts and condenses them in a succinct, engaging and accessible way. 

How are animated corporate videos made?

There are several ways of going about making an animated video ad for your business. One option is to get a professional animated video ad company to do all the hard work for you. Alternatively, you can have a go at making a video yourself with resources that are available online.  

Keep it simple 

Before you begin the process of making an animated corporate video, it’s important to remember that simplicity is key. This refers not only to making the process as simple as possible for you but also to keeping the video itself clear and succinct. Remember, the easier you make the video to understand the more effective it will be. 

Write a script

The very first stage of creating an animated corporate video is to write a script. The script will outline the flow of the video, as well as contain all the information that you wish to convey. Of course, a script will come as part of a professional animated video ad service, or you can employ a professional scriptwriter independently to complete this task for you. Indeed, unless you have extensive writing experience it’s probably best not to try this one yourself, as script writing for animated videos is a very specialized process, and the success of the rest of your video project relies on this stage. 

Create A storyboard

Once you have a script under your belt you can move on to the storyboard stage of the process. A storyboard is a sequence of sketches that describe what will happen in the video, and in what order. 

The most important aspect of the storyboard is to make sure that you have a captivating beginning because you must engage viewers from the get-go. 

Design concepts 

Once you have your storyboard you can move forward with getting your design illustrations in order. Design illustrations are the visual concepts for your video and will include any specific assets such as figures or characters that you wish to portray. 

Some people use stock image websites for these, although, if you want a video that is tailored specifically to your brand using an illustrator or a service where this aspect of the process is included is best. 

Creating the final animated video ad

After you have your design illustrations, you will be able to assemble the entire video and give it life. To do this you may like to use online animation subscription sites that allow you to make your own videos. Alternatively, engaging the services of a specialist video ad provider will ensure you get the best results that will wow your viewers and raise their opinion of your business.