Rewards, and so much more

CAA is known for their roadside assistance, so we were tasked to create a campaign to bring awareness to all the other benefits of membership. We worked closely with CAA to deliver a concept that could be leveraged across broadcast, radio and print mediums. The ads worked connect and deliver one unifying message (and maybe a giggle or two).

Client: CAA South Central Ontario
Producer: Adriano Pagliarello
Production Manager: Nina Garacci
Director: Nick Lacelle
Director of Photography: Brooks Hunter
Lead Grip: Larry Munn
Grip: Steve Bruni, Erica Regnier, William Smith
Production Assistant: Ryan Myles, Josh Ryant
Photographer: Jen Bernard
Lead Editor: Ryan Loates
Sound Design: Dave Maltaise
Motion Graphics: Megan Goudie, Ryan Myles
Voice Talent: Lindsay Gerro, Nick Lacelle, Adriano Pagliarello, Ryan Loates, Nina Garcci, Ryan Myles

Type: Narrative Ad

Check out our other videos in the CAA Spots:

Check out our other videos in the CAA Spots: