Carleton University

Here for Good

The Rascals were tasked to produce, shoot and edit a promotional video highlighting the success of Carleton University’s “Here for Good” campaign. Local artist and educator Jamaal Rogers performs spoken word to narrate and guide the viewer through this emotionally charged and motivational piece. Visuals reinforce and highlight the clients fundraising achievements, partner involvement and community investment. Carleton is a University with a cause and this video welcomes partners on that journey.

Client: Carleton University
Producer: Adriano Pagliarello
Project Manager: Keren Jackman
Production Coordinator: Nina Garacci
Director: Nick Lacelle
Director of Photography: William Smith
Lead Grip: Larry Munn
Production Assistant: Erica Regnier
Makeup: Noah Venkatarangam
Production Assistant: Ryan Myles
Lead Editor: Ryan Loates
Talent: Jamaal Rogers

Type: Narrative Ad