September 26, 2023 Ed MacDonald

Commercial Video Production Tips

If you want to make a successful commercial video, it’s important to take advantage of the tips and tricks to make your production run as smoothly as possible. These tips will help you create a compelling commercial video from start to finish.

Start with the story you want to tell

The first step in creating your commercial video is to figure out what you want to tell. The story should be clear, compelling and Commercial Video Production Discussing The Scene Directionconcise; it should also dictate every aspect of your video:

  • The style of the video (e.g., documentary or narrative)
  • The audience (e.g., millennials or baby boomers)
  • Your message(s) (e.g., “We’re affordable” vs. “We’re affordable and friendly”)
  • Tone/Mood of the piece (e.g., fun vs. serious)
  • Length of the piece (one minute vs. 10 minutes)
  • Branding elements such as music choice, colour palettes, etc.

Dictate the style of the Commercial Video

The style of your video is dictated by the story you’re telling. Use humour and comedy to tell that story if it’s a comedy. If it’s an educational video about health care, you may want to use more serious tones and visuals. 

You can also dictate the style based on who your target audience is: if they are younger people or older people if they are male or female, etc.

The budget will also dictate what kind of production value can be achieved with each project–and this will determine how much money needs to go into post-production editing/grading (which affects how polished/professional your final product looks).

The audience is important

It’s important to know your audience. You want to ensure that your video will be relevant and valuable, so you must understand the viewer’s pain points and how they might benefit from your product or service.

This should be considered when creating the script if specific demographics or types of people are likely to watch your videos (for example, if the content is targeted at a particular job title).

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

You don’t have to try and be someone else. It’s okay to be yourself; it will make your video more engaging. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, as those make us human!

Keep it straightforward

Make sure your video is simple enough to make. If your message is clear and concise, it will be easier for viewers to understand what you’re trying to say and why they should care about it.

Do everything correctly by adding unnecessary elements or trying too hard for cleverness. Keep things simple–that’s what makes them memorable!

Make sure your story is clear, direct and compelling

  • Make sure the story is clear. The more obvious your message, the better. Don’t be afraid to get emotional, but don’t overdo it.
  • Make sure the story is direct: If you want someone to do something or buy something from you after watching your video (or any other form of communication), clarify what they should do/buy and why they should do/buy it!
  • Make sure that the compelling aspect of your message doesn’t overshadow its clarity–you want viewers to understand what exactly about your product or service needs their attention most urgently so that when they get around doing what needs doing next (that’s right!), there’ll be no question about where their attention should go first and foremost–which means no confusion whatsoever about what kind of impact this could have on their lives.

Hire a professional For Your Commercial VideoProfessional Commercial Video Production on the set.

You may be the best person to make your video, but it may be better. No matter how much experience you have in your industry and how good you are at what you do, there are still things that only a professional can do.

A good video production company will know how to create compelling content for your audience and help tell your story in a way that makes them want to buy from you or recommend your services/products/whatever else you offer. They’ll also work well with your team–even if it’s just one person on their own–and impress the client (you).

Takeaway For Your Commercial Video Production :

  • Have a clear plan
  • Have a good team
  • Have a good script
  • Have a good story
  • Hire a professional video production company with experience


It’s important to keep things simple and clear, so your message gets across clearly. Here at Dan Rascal, we are happy to answer any questions about commercial video production. If you need clarification on anything. Contact us today to get started.