April 20, 2022 Ed MacDonald

How Do I Create An Amazing Commercial Video?

Video content has been on the rise for decades and more and more companies are turning their hand to commercial video production to make their commercial video look the part and stand out from the rest. To help you in your quest to make an amazing commercial video follow this effective 3 point plan. 

Plan your video

Planning and preparation are key components of commercial video production. Firstly, you need to plan the creative aspects of your video such as;

  • Identify the objective of your video. Each video will have a clear purpose and message that you want to communicate to your audience. Be sure that you have clear guidelines regarding the purpose of the video and how you want to be portrayed as a brand. The more detail you can provide the better. 
  • Identify the tone of your video. This can be done in conjunction with determining how you want your brand to be portrayed. For example, an educational brand may want to portray a more serious and authoritative tone of voice than that of a fashion brand aimed at under 25s. 
  • Identify the demographic you are attempting to reach. The demographic will also help influence the tone of voice and importantly the actual content of your video. 

Your planning should also incorporate some of the more administrative aspects of your video such as;

  • Budget constraints. All video projects will require a budget and while many videos can be made on modest budgets it is important to know your financial limitations prior to commencement.  
  • Location for filming. 
  • Expertise and equipment that is available for production, and post-production. This is the magic-making part and it is essential you have the right tools for the job. Sadly a magic wand will not cut it. Rather, do you have the appropriate equipment to film and in the right light? Is your camera stable enough and the microphone able to pick up all that it needs? What about post-production? You will need a certain level of editorial skill and equipment to put your final piece together.  
  • Time constraints. While the creative process doesn’t like to be hampered by timing restrictions it is important to remember that there may be deadlines to meet and your video as amazing as it may be will only be amazing if it is ready on time.


Storyboarding is a skill straight from the professional movie makers so it stands to reason that you should do it too. Storyboarding will allow you to ensure that you have a logical and coherent content plan that flows succinctly. It will also allow you and others to actively visualize the final video piece. 

Write a script

Although many popular videos of today, like those commonly found on YouTube, are done so without the aid of a script if you want your video to be professional and stand out then scriptwriting is an essential part of the process. Writing a script will allow you to save time during production, increase the confidence of all involved, and will help to provide structure to the video. Scripting also gives your the opportunity to accurately portray your business in a thought-out way and convey the tone you want to achieve from the video.