Get Lit With Dan Rascal

Capturing light is at the heart of any video production. Cameras rely on sensors designed to be sensitive to light in order capture an image either still or moving. It wasn’t long after the invention of camera technology that image-makers began to notice the impact of light sources on their images.

But even today, hundreds of years after the invention of cameras, understanding for the practice of lighting is still developing. With the addition of digital workflows, many established practices have also been updated to accommodate the trade offs when working without film. Read more

Italians Do Not Share Their Pasta!

Some of us learned this the old fashioned way, by having a plate smashed over our head. In some circles this might be considered abuse, but we’re willing to bet those circles have never tasted authentic meatballs.

In this spot for La Cucina, we wanted to evoke the nostalgic feeling of old school Hollywood romanticism while introducing some playfulness and humour. A romantic dinner and an adoring couple gazing across a lone meatball into each other’s eyes, the setting here is familiar. Read more