Getting Shorty with A&W

For one delicious evening we took over an A&W to create approximately 40 seconds of content.

Given the size of the restaurant and our 10 hour production window, we felt a micro crew was the way to go. This meant intensive pre-production which included: A location scout, storyboards, a slew of test shots, light & lens experimentation and plenty of chats with our director of photography and food stylist. Read more

The Short & Long of It – The Future of Short Form Content Marketing

Despite fears that long form content will disappear like Dan Ackroyd’s hairline in the 1980’s, a recent Deloitte study presents a much different looking forehead.

The stats in the study show that long form content is still quite voluminous, bolstering 360 billion hours of watched television and earning over 400 billion in ad revenues + subscriptions.

Now that’s a nice head of hair.

Read more

Going Back to the 80’s With Gary’s Automotive

We’re willing to bet there are not many Automotive Repair shop owners who also hold a masters degree in Film Production from prestigious California film schools, so we felt pretty damn lucky when one called us with a budget in hand and a mantra of “let the professionals do what they do best.”

Having seen our demo reel, Gary of Gary’s Automotive was confident that we were more than capable of treating the brand that his father had built with the proper care and value it needed to grow. A long time fixture in the Ottawa community, Gary’s was ready to divert ad dollars away from radio and into video for the very first time in its existence. Read more

Beloved Ads of 2014

“I don’t consider advertising art,” says Mary Warlick, an art historian and executive director of The One Club, the New York trade organization that recognizes creative excellence in advertising. Art is visual imagery that is meant to elevate thinking in an aesthetic context. What advertising does is give a visual record of our cultural ambiance and history, our tastes, our trends, our wants, our needs, our buying. It is never meant to elevate us to that higher plane.”

Well Mary, we may not be historians here in the Foxden, but we’ll bet dollars for doughnuts on the fact that advertising can be art. Here are 3 Reasons Why! Read more

House of Paint 2013 is A foot

The House of PainT event brings the four elements of hip hop together – with writers covering concrete walls while DJs and MCs fill the air with beats & rhymes and bboys, bgirls an’ their crews throw down. Concession stands sellin’ art, clothes and crafts by local artists, a community BBQ serving summer foods, a kids corner and workshops teachin’ mural painting, breakin’, DJin’ and the history of hip hop and urban life in Canada and the world. Read more

Get Lit With Dan Rascal

Capturing light is at the heart of any video production. Cameras rely on sensors designed to be sensitive to light in order capture an image either still or moving. It wasn’t long after the invention of camera technology that image-makers began to notice the impact of light sources on their images.

But even today, hundreds of years after the invention of cameras, understanding for the practice of lighting is still developing. With the addition of digital workflows, many established practices have also been updated to accommodate the trade offs when working without film. Read more

Italians Do Not Share Their Pasta!

Some of us learned this the old fashioned way, by having a plate smashed over our head. In some circles this might be considered abuse, but we’re willing to bet those circles have never tasted authentic meatballs.

In this spot for La Cucina, we wanted to evoke the nostalgic feeling of old school Hollywood romanticism while introducing some playfulness and humour. A romantic dinner and an adoring couple gazing across a lone meatball into each other’s eyes, the setting here is familiar. Read more